Musical Pitch Sensor
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Out of Production        PITCH    Pitch Sensor    $39.00  

This sensor has been tested with NXT using the Lego NXT conversion cable (W770323). In the RAW mode frequency response is aprox 350 Hz to 5 KHz. In scaled mode the frequency response is aprox. 1 to 4 KHz.

The Pitch Sensor lets your robot respond to sounds and musical notes.

One of the ways humans communicate is by sound.  We use spoken words, music, warning bells, etc.  Making a robot respond to spoken words or complex difficult.  Making it respond to simple musical notes is easier.  The Pitch sensor lets your robot respond to simple sounds and musical tones.  The sensor is optomized for use with a flute or recorder.  It responds best to simple tones that have no overtones or harmonics.  The Pitch sensor has a Lego Bump connector on the bottom, and is compatible with Lego Mindstorms products.

         Pitch Sensor.

       Simple Robot.

You can control where this robot goes by playing different notes on a flute or recorder.   You can use a low note to make it go forward.  Use a medium note to turn left, and a high note to turn right.

A variation on this is a break dancer.  Choose random actions for different notes.  The robot will skip and spin as you play a song.

You program the Pitch Sensor just like the Lego light sensor.  Use the Light Sensor block in the Mindstorms program environment to cause program branches.  The pitch sensor returns  different values depending on what it hears.  In the example below, Motor A and Motor C will both go forward when the sensor hears a low tone. (Value 19 to 25).  For a middle tone, (26 to 30) motor A will reverse while motor C goes forward.  For a high tone, motor A will go forward.  For no tone, or very low tone, (0 to 18) both motors will stop.


You can download the Users Guide in pdf format.   (403KB)