InfraRed Flame Sensor for VEX
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Find a candle or the sun.

The infrared Flame sensor detects radiated heat. The heat may be produced by a candle, the sun, or an incandescent light. This sensor sends a number to your VEX computer indicating how much heat it is measuring. Your program can make decisions based on this number. Your robot can find a candle or light bulb and go to it. This sensor is compatible with the VEX Robotic System.



The IR Flame Sensor is programmed like a light sensor. Use the “Light Sensor” block in EasyC to generate the statement

YourVariable = GetAnalogInput (1)

This reads the sensor on port 1 and loads the value into the variable named YourVariable. The sensor value is an integer with range 0 – 1023. (This is actually reading the 10 bit A/D converter in the VEX computer.)



This robot will find a candle and go to it. The VIRFL sensor is mounted on the front of the standard VEX "Squarebot". The example program makes the robot turn a complete circle while recording the highest vale from the sensor. We assume the highest value occurs when it is pointing at the candle. The robot then turns back, looking for this value. When it finds this value (or something close) it goes in a straight line to the candle. You can download the example program.


The IR flame sensor detects any form of Infrared light. The sensor may also detect:

•  Incandescent lamps.

•  Direct or reflected sunlight.

•  Hot objects like electric heaters.

•  Infrared remote control devices.



Technical Description

The sensing element is a phototransistor with peak sensitivity in the near infrared. It is packaged in plastic that blocks visible light. The sensitivity control adjusts the maximum current through the phototransistor. You can adjust the current to compensate for a “bright” environment that would otherwise saturate the transistor.