The Techno-stuff company




Techno-stuff is currently a part-time enterprise of one person.  (Pete Sevcik)  Because of this, you may experience delays in communication when I am out of town.  Products are hand assembled.  I do not keep a large inventory on hand.  If lead time is important, contact me before placing your order.

My priorities are:
    1)  Family
    2)  Techno-stuff
    3)  Playing


Techno-stuff started in 1993, selling Lego Technics compatible controllers that connected to a Personal computer RS-232 (serial) port. Programming was done in "Basic". This was replaced with a second generation controller that included Visual Basic and "C" interfaces. A fully mobile controller similar to Mindstorms was sold until Lego launched Mindstorms. When Mindstorms became available, Techno-stuff switched to building sensors for the RCX.

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Keywords: Lego, Mindstorms, Robot, RIS, RCX, NXT