Animation Controller

Withdrawn  This product is withdrawn from sales.  It is listed here for reference purposes only.

The Low Cost Controller Hardware Module is a small box. that attaches to your computer's serial port. It gets power from a wall transformer. Thin, flexible wires connect your robot to the controller. A Users Guide contains operating instruction, and tutorials on robotics and Qbasic. Programming interface for Visual Basic, Qbasic, and "C" languages, including source code.  Hardware interface documented for use with other languages.

The controller is designed for use with LEGO 9 volt motors and lights. Most small motors in the 6 to 12 volt range will work well with this controller.  This controller works well with Lego 9 volt train sets.

The Wired Controller is designed for a school environment. Outputs are short-circuit protected. There are no batteries to go dead. Lights on the front panel indicate which circuits are energized, making it easy to find broken cables. These features also make the controller well suited for scene animation in commercial and home environments. 

Low Cost Controller