Compatible with Lego Mindstorms

IR wall sensor for Mindstorms RCX    Dual Infra-Red Proximity Detector - See the wall before you hit it.

IR distance sensor for Lego Mindstorms RCX   Infra-Red Relative Distance Indicator  -  Shows how close you are.

Music Pitch sensor for Lego Mindstorms RCX   Musical Pitch sensor - Out of production.

Acceleration and Tilt sensor for Lego Mindstorms     Acceleration/Tilt sensor - Make a balancing robot.

Air pressure sensor for Lego pneumatic system   Air Pressure sensor - Measure pressure in your air cylinder.

Touch Sensor multiplexer for Lego RCX    Switch Multiplexer - Out of production.

   Passive Infra-Red sensor - Detects movement of people & animals.

Voltmeter for Lego RCX   Three-wire converter - Out of Production.

  Angle sensor - Out of Production.

IR Flame sensor for Mindstorms RCX   IR Flame sensor - find a candle or other InfraRed source.

   Force sensor - Out of Production

  Current sensor - Withdrawn.

   UV Flame sensor - Withdrawn

Proximity detector for Lego Mindstorms  Infra-Red Proximity Detector - Withdrawn

Collision avoidance sensor for Lego Mindstorms   Dual Infra-Red Proximity Detector - Withdrawn

Distance sensor for Lego RCX  InfraRed Relative Distance Indicator (side viewing) - Special Order